08.19.2020 | First Farmers Financial Corp.

Meet Joe Chapter One

Mortgage rates are low. Houses are selling like mad, and it’s definitely a competitive marketplace for buyers. At First Farmers, we’re ready to help you with a pre-approval on a mortgage so that when you find your next home, you’re ready to make an offer.

But there’s more to a home than just a house.

I’ve been working on other projects recently, and I’ve missed writing weekly stories about the people and communities that make our little piece of the world such a wonderful place to be. Happily, as the mortgage team here at FFBT continues to help turn home shoppers into homeowners, I have the opportunity to think about all of those things that take a house and turn it into a home. From family and friends to holiday memories, there’s certainly more to the story of a house than square footage and lot size. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing a 5 part story about a very special home, and a very special dog. Thanks for joining me.


I’m Joe, and I’m nothing special. I’ve been around a while, and for the past week, I’ve been staying here, in a cage. I’m not the only one, but I’ve got this cage all to myself—which makes things easier at mealtime.

I used to have a nice place, even though it was on a busy street in town. I’d take walks almost every day until Larry, my old roommate, started getting too tired for walks. I guess I couldn’t keep the place myself, and Larry had to go live at an assisted living home in Chicago, closer to his kids. Some nice people brought me here, and I’ve been waiting and watching ever since. Maybe somebody will be looking for a new roommate and they’ll get me out of this cage. The food isn’t bad, but I sure could use some more company.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some pretty cool characters in here. Rocco is the big guy across the hall. That first night he just growled at me, but he’s gotten friendlier since. Trixie used to live next door, but she left with an older couple yesterday. So far, no new neighbors, and I’m a little jealous of Trixie. Of course, I’m kind of big myself, and that puts some people off. Larry always said there might have been some Doberman back there in the old family tree.

Oh—maybe I should have started there. I’m a dog, and now I’m waiting for a new home.

Life here isn’t so bad. I still get to take walks, and I get plenty of pats and scratches from the humans, even though I could always use more. That’s the trouble when there’s lots of my kind of guy and only a few people to go around. Sharing is great, but I wish I could have my own place, and my own person, again. I miss Larry and our tiny backyard with the rocking chair on the porch. When he left, he got down on his knees, even though that hurts him something awful now, and put his arms around me. The old guy was crying, and maybe I didn’t understand why he smelled so sad then, but I get it now. He didn’t want to leave our place either, or me. I gave him a big, friendly lick. His tears were salty. They tasted like goodbye.

So now I’m here. I learned a lot of things with Larry, like how to fetch slippers, or to walk slow on the leash, even though I don’t really need one. I know how to walk! People can be weird sometimes. But I learned how to be patient too. So I’ll keep waiting, and watching, and hoping. There’s a home out there for me again...I can almost smell it.

Joe's story continues in Chapter 2, where we meet Ethan. And if you’re looking for your furever home, remember to get pre-approved for your mortgage!