Community Involvement

We’re a bank built on heart and grit, and that comes from the communities we serve.

Building Heart in our Local Communities


Financial Education And Empowerment

Serving our community means helping all our neighbors thrive financially. That starts with financial education.


Local Leadership

We’re proud of our local teams for good reason. They’re part of volunteer organizations, active board members, and show us what it means to have heart and grit every day.


Financial Support

We’re proud to support our local organizations as we work towards a goal of strengthening our communities.


Volunteering and Engagement

Heart and grit aren’t only about writing a check. We believe in being active in our communities and welcome volunteer opportunities.

Contribution Request

We are proud to support local organizations. Simply fill out this form and someone will be in touch with you. Thank you for all you do to build heart and grit in your community.
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Investing in What Matters

We’re a bank built on heart and grit, and that comes from the communities we serve. We’re honored to be a part of all our communities.

Making an Impact in 2023

We’re building heart and grit one step at a time, and we’re proud to partner with local organizations to make an impact on local families, businesses, and community members.


A scholarship fund has been established to honor the memory and accomplishments of First Farmers Bank & Trust’s former CEO and dear friend, Robert M. Larrison. This endowment will award an annual scholarship to students within Miami, Grant, or Howard County pursuing higher education following graduation from high school.

To learn more about scholarship guidelines, eligibility, and application deadlines, please contact the Northern Indiana Community Foundation, Inc.
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