08.20.2020 | First Farmers Financial Corp.

Meet Joe Chapter 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of Joe’s story, where we meet Ethan. Joe didn’t always know Ethan, but he’s a good listener, so he picked up a lot. Ethan is a six-year-old little boy, and soon to be the biggest and best part of Joe’s story (at least according to Joe.) But for now, he’s a lonely kid, struggling with social distancing and uncertainty about the coming school year.

I didn’t know it, but while I was sitting in my cage, hoping for a new home, somebody else was doing the exact same thing not too far away. I’m talking about Ethan, the best human I’ve ever known. He’s still a pup, living with his mom and dad and little sister Bella. Of course, they didn’t really keep him in a cage, but he felt penned in just the same. When I met Ethan—the best day of my life, let me tell you!—he told me all about himself and his life. He’s a great talker, and I’m an even better listener, so we were a winning pair from the get-go.

Ethan lived in an apartment with his family. It wasn’t horrible, and he always had nice things to say about it, but it was small. Not a ton of room for him and Bella to rough around, though it sounds like she made the most of it! She followed him everywhere, which just makes sense—I’d have done the same thing!

Things have been a little strange lately for humans, and the little ones especially. Ethan was about to start 1st grade, or at least that was the plan. He told me about being in Kindergarten and how much fun he had. Then one day, Ethan stopped going to school. He had to do everything on a computer. He got sick of screen time! That seemed to surprise him, though I don’t know why. Who wants to stare at a little screen when there’s a whole world to look at?

Ethan is hoping he’ll go back to normal school this year, and who can blame him? He misses his friends and his teachers. He misses the bus driver, Hank. Hank would tell him silly jokes and then Ethan would tell them to his mom and dad at dinner. That kid loves to make people laugh. He’s a lot like a dog that way.

Bella, his little sister, is great too. She laughs at him all the time. I think that helps make up for her always going through his stuff. Ethan says she has sticky fingers and leaves fingerprints everywhere. I don’t see the problem. Neither does Bella. She just smiles and knocks more of his stuff over. Got to love Bella!

Ethan said he missed playing outside the most. His family would go take walks at the park, but they spent most of their time inside the apartment. There was a little patio outside of the backdoor, and Ethan would sit out there, pretending to be a knight headed towards adventure! What a kid! His friend Sam would come over sometimes and they’d play, but he hadn’t seen him since normal school ended. He said he wasn’t allowed to get far from the patio, anyways, so their knight adventures were pretty short. I could tell he missed them though.

Ethan was always wishing for a bigger place, like where Sam lived with his grandparents. There’s a big cornfield behind their house, and the yard has lots of places where bandits and pirates would hide and ambush the knights on their quest!
Of course, the best thing about Sam’s place wasn’t the cornfield or even the big backyard. Sam has a dog! Her name is Snickers. She’s a big golden retriever who is always knocking Sam over and giving him kisses. She has soft fur, and Ethan misses her too.

Well, you can imagine what I thought about that. As far as I was concerned, Ethan didn’t need to miss any dog anymore. He’s perfect! From where I was sitting, only one thing was standing in our way…but what was I going to do about that apartment?

Keep reading Chapter 3, where exciting things start happening for Ethan and Joe! And if you need to do something about your current living space and think a new home might be the answer, we’re here to help! Visit our mortgage page to get started!