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Building life-long relationships with our customers is what I enjoy most about the process. Knowing they can get timely, knowledgeable responses allows for the customer to see that Huck and First Farmers Bank and Trust are here to make the homebuying process seem effortless.

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Fixed Rate Mortgage

Have the same rate and the same payment for the entire term of your loan. These home loans are available in various terms.


Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

With an adjustable-rate mortgage, you may enjoy lower initial monthly payments for a specific period, after which the rate may adjust up or down. 


Construction Loan

If you’re building a home, financing that vision can be overwhelming. We work directly with you and your builder to add confidence and lower stress.


First Time Homebuyers

We have attractive first time homebuyer programs featuring low down payments, more flexible income-qualifying ratios, and favorable loan terms, as well as the expert guidance.

Building a home?


Big, small, or in between, if you have a vision for your new home, we have the financing to make it happen.

Construction Loans

With flexible loan amounts, easy loan disbursements, interest only payments, and owner and self-build construction options, a construction loan from First Farmers takes you from blueprints to finishing touches.

30 Year Fixed6.8756.9730.000%
20 Year Fixed6.5006.6250.000%
15 Year Fixed6.5006.6540.000%
*APR equals Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change without notice.

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