11.13.2020 | First Farmers Financial Corp.

Meet Joe Chapter Six

Hi. I’m Joe and lying next to me right this minute is my new fluffy shadow, Tadpole. I’m a dog, of course, but we’ve already went over that. Things have slowed down since we last talked. Ethan and I have spent hours together, wandering around the yard, even taking a few hikes. I love fall—crisp air, bonfires, and the smells! Summer isn’t too shabby in that department either, but there’s just something about cool nights, dry leaves floating to the ground, and those giant vehicles that go out in the fields and cut down the corn. Trust me…it’s amazing!

Ethan is back in school, and he’s thrilled! Or at least he was the first few weeks. I’m happy for him, sure, but I miss my buddy. Even when he was reading a book or looking at a computer screen, I could sit on his feet and expect a pat occasionally. So now it’s me and Tadpole. All. The. Time.

I think she’s a little scared of Bella, because she seems to slink off and hide whenever Bella starts yelling for her. Or else they’re playing an almost never-ending game of hide and seek, which might be a little too exciting for even me! Whatever the case, it must be hard work, because Tadpole sleeps constantly. Like right now! But I don’t mind. She doesn’t measure up to Ethan, but who does? She’s warm, she’s soft, and even I must admit it…she’s cute.

So yeah…things have been going great! There’s only one cloud in my otherwise sunny outlook.


Yes, Halloween. I didn’t have to worry about that when I lived with Larry. He liked to pass out candy for an hour or so, but then it was lights out, which worked just fine for me. But my family now? They LOVE Halloween. They’ve been decorating for the past two weeks! Talking about costumes, telling scary stories, and remembering all the Halloweens from years past.

Me? I’m more a Thanksgiving and Christmas kind of guy. But I’m a team player too, don’t forget! So I was ready to go along for the ride until last night when they started talking costumes again. But not for them this time. For me! And Tadpole!

That’s what I’m laying here thinking about. I don’t mind telling you, costumes are the worst part of Halloween. I might even be a little scared of them! Ethan thinks I’m the bravest dog ever, which is important when we go on our knight quests through the backyard. I don’t want to let him down.

Tadpole is stretching now, looking up at me with those big eyes. I heard Bella suggest that I should dress up as a cat for Halloween. And Tadpole could be a dog! Bella is a sweet little kid, full of surprises, and I love her. But come on now!

I hear the bus coming down the road, so time to cut this short. Keep me in your thoughts as we get closer to October 31st! Remember, I’m Joe…and I am DEFINITELY a dog!
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